Index to 1861 Census of Lanarkshire

(Including Glasgow, Barony and Govan) On Compact Disc

Also included:
Index to the Marine Returns for the 1861 Census of Scotland, showing all British Mariners on British ships in Scottish Ports on Census night.

Over 640,000 entries, all referenced and presented in three files - Glasgow, Lanarkshire (remainder) and Marine Returns.

Price 20.00 (UK)
20.80 (Overseas Air-mail)
includes all post & packing charges

Recommended requirements:

Windows 95/98-Second Edition or later
500Mhz Processor
256Mb RAM
15 Mb hard disc space.

Installation wizard makes straight forward loading of a Viewer on to hard disc and when accessing data the CD must be in the CD drive.

Search by:
    Surname or forename and surname
    By two family members
    Can also show neighbours if looking for relations nearby
Wildcards* can be used.
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Using the Viewer Program


Using this program you will be able to carry out research on names contained within the areas covered by the database.
You can search for a single name with or without forenames, adding age as a further aid to refine your search.
You can search for family groups, using the family surname and two forenames, again adding ages to cut down on unwanted data.

The results of the searches are displayed in tabular form on screen. When searching for a single name you can display all instances of the chosen name, or alternatively display their position within the family of that surname, passing from family to family by stepping through to the next instance of a name matching the search criteria.
For a family search you can display the family group either as contained within a list of all families of the same surname, or alternatively display the family within the entire census entries, thus giving details of neighbours, or possible relations surrounding the family location.

As well as displaying the results on screen the details may be printed out on paper. This can take the form of either the total number of results found from the search, or alternatively only certain of the results may be selected for printing.

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