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Were your Ancestors in Lanarkshire 1845-1900?

In 1845 a Parochial Board was set up in every Parish and Burgh in Scotland, making each responsible for it's own poor.

The Glasgow City and Govan Indexes are now complete up until 1920 and are on the database, so if you've asked for help in the period 1910-1920 in the past, and been unlucky, it may well be worth trying again!

The records for the other Lanarkshire parishes that survive have also been indexed.
They consist of Blantyre, Bothwell, Cambusnethan (includes Wishaw), Carluke, Carmichael, Carstairs, Crawford, Dalziel (includes Motherwell), Douglas, Hamilton, Lesmahagow and Shotts.
There are approximately 68,000 applications between these Parishes.

The index consists of, Forename, Surname, Birthplace, Year of Birth (approx), year of Application (approx) and reference number. Married women are indexed under both married and maiden names.

Information on the applications varies, however it would normally contain the applicant's parents as well as spouse (where applicable), plus other vital information.
The index is available, on computer, in Glasgow City Archives, (formerly Strathclyde Region Archives).

I am available to search the index at no charge; a small fee would be involved for a photocopy of any applications, which are located.
Certificate transcriptions from Civil Records 1855 until present also available.

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